Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex, Indiana PA

Community Flea Market

Apr 29, 07:00 am | view all April events »

This Event is free

Are you doing some spring cleaning? Would you like to make a little extra cash? Or do you just love a good bargain? Then join us for our first ever indoor community flea market on Saturday, April 29th!

Come to shop or to sell! Everyone is welcome!

Rent a table for $25 or 2 for $40

Contact Christine at 724-357-5204 or by email at Cknapik@iup.edu to reserve your selling table!

Or complete our online vendor request form

Venfor Request Form

Additional Information for sellers:
•Seller set up time begins at 6am
•Crafter/ other vendors welcome
•Electricity is available for vendor displays for an additional fee.
•Vendors may not deface or nail anything to the tables or walls.
•The Kovalchick Complex is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.
•Seller is responsible for making their own change.
•Seller is responsible for providing bags for their customers

• Sale or swap of explosives, firearms, ammunition, flammables, or tactical knives.
• Sale or swap of alcoholic beverages.
• Sale of open food or fast food carts, sale of water, soda, etc for consumption on premise—we have an authorized food and beverage vendor
• Sale or swap of obscene or pornographic material.
• Sale or swap of any live animals.
• Sale or swap of all tabacco products.